Learn About Ssl

Written by Jen Nichol
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One way to learn about SSL is to learn about cutting-edge encryption tools and just how they affect your business. The global marketplace, as we all know, has quickly become heavily electronic; we can't remember how we functioned before the information age. We all love the ease and speed and convenience of the Internet, but along with the excitement comes the worry.

Are our transactions safe, we wonder? Are our favorite businesses doing everything possible to protect and secure our information, and keep it away from prying eyes? The latest data encryption tools keep businesses safe and customers happy.

SSL stands for "secure socket layers," and it's a way of describing how data is protected between your business, the Internet, and the end-user. A program layer is created to control the security of data transmissions in a network. The data remains confidential, and is contained in a program layer between an application and the Internet's TCP/IP layers.

Learn about SSL and How It Can Help Your Business

"Sockets" is a method of allowing authorized users to pass data back and forth without interference. Sockets allow your customer to safely pass encrypted data back and forth with your business network. Security is assured, and business can thrive.

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