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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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There are numerous PC security resources available online that can help you select, integrate, and maintain an efficient security system for your computer. Several high quality independent sites, unaffiliated with any specific products or services, offer thorough, balanced comparisons of various PC security tools. Some sites contain bulletin boards and forums where you can ask your own security-related questions, or perhaps learn from someone else's posted experience. These sites are also great for finding information on breaking security threats, as well as ideas for protecting yourself against them.

Useful PC Security Links

This site contains a helpful mix of general PC security information and awareness, with practical security tips for home and office computers. It also offers a security test that you can use to determine the level of protection offered by your current security system.

This is an extensive source of useful materials about all manner of computer security threats. Viruses, worms, hackers, backdoors, trojans, and more are all covered in great detail on this comprehensive PC security site.

Spywareinfo.com offers tips for identifying and removing malicious spyware programs. This site also features plenty of articles about all aspects of spyware and related security threats. The links section features a broad range of sites offering aid and information on a variety of PC protection issues.

Another group of security-related sites that can be useful are those that provide free online anti-virus tools. A number of organizations offer free online virus scans, where your PC can be inspected for viruses via the website. If you do not have an automatic updates feature available on your anti-virus software, these sites are your best bet for checking your computer against the latest virus definitions. Most of these online virus scan sites are also equipped to find the latest worm files. Worms are often hard to locate, and are notoriously difficult to remove safely and permanently. Because of this, many online scanners will list detailed instructions on how to effectively remove any worms it encounters.

If you search the Internet for "security checks," you'll find several free resources designed to help you gauge the strength of your computer security system. Security check sites measure how well your security system fares against simulated versions of some of the most common online threats. This includes hackers, backdoors, worms, trojans, and remote access. Security check sites also review your virus definitions to make sure you're protected against the most recent threats. If your PC fails any of the security checks, the site can usually provide information on how you can upgrade your protection.

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