Ssl Accelerator

Written by Jen Nichol
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An SSL accelerator takes superior e-security, and pairs it with speed and efficiency. We all know that clients want to view online content that reacts to their requests as quickly as possible. The more business speeds up, the less patience the average consumer has with less-than-speedy applications.

When you can offer your clients top security with lightning speed, you give that customer no reason to go to a competitor. An SSL accelerator can give you this power. It gives you the critical Web site speed that your customers demand, while allowing you proper encryption without slowing down your system.

Companies are getting smarter, but, unfortunately, so are the bad guys. It's absolutely vital that your business is up to date on e-security. From SSL VPNs (secure socket layers virtual private network), to smart cards, digital certificates, and online certificate status protocol responders, there are tools to suit every business security need.

An SSL Accelerator Puts Power Behind Your Punch

You know you have a great business, a great product, and top-notch security. Now, you can add speed, efficiency, and ease-of-use into the bargain. An SSL accelerator takes your SSL security product and puts it into the fast lane; you will have the same great security but with the power to make browsing your site fast and easy.

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