Ssl Explained

Written by Jen Nichol
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You probably don't just want SSL explained; you want to know how it can help you and your business. With the speed and ease of communication comes added responsibility. You want to offer great e-services, but you also want to ensure their security, and your clients' peace of mind.

When you have e-business needs, whether, banking, brokerage, online purchases, etc., you have security needs. Your customers don't just want your product-- they want their transactions to be handled in a safe, efficient manner. SSL is a way of providing that vital security into your business network.

SSL explained stands for "secure socket layers." An SSL is a program layer that manages or controls the security of data transmissions in a network. Data is kept confidential and contained in a program layer between an application and the Internet's TCP/IP layers. The "sockets" are spaces in the layer that authorized users can use to pass and process data; only authorized users can access these "sockets."

A Good Way to Secure Your Data

Your business is only as strong as your customer relationships, and these days clients want to know just how well they and their resources are being protected. The latest encryption tools, hardware security advances, and other protective developments will allow them to work with you from a place of ease and confidence. A happy customer is a repeat customer, and one who feels safe and protected is a customer for life.

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