What Is Encryption

Written by Jen Nichol
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When you ask, "What is encryption?" you are asking about the strongest business tool available. Communication has become instantaneous, and commerce has gone global. To stay on top of the new century, our businesses need to be strong and secure, and encryption is the key.

Every time a customer initiates a transaction, there is a part of their consciousness devoted to wondering how secure that transaction is. Is their valuable information being protected? Are we, the business professionals, taking the best care we can of our clients?

What Does Encryption Entail?

Encryption is the answer; your client's data is encoded while it is being transmitted to your network, and vice versa. Then, it is decoded when it gets to the appropriate end user. It sounds simple, but it's a sophisticated way to secure an electronic transmission, and the codes are chains that could have billions of possibilities, making them virtually impossible to break.

When you take your e-security seriously, you are giving your business the best chance of success. Without a strong security platform, the rest of your business will be undermined by worry--both yours and your clients'.

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