What Is Ssl

Written by Jen Nichol
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If you are wondering, "What is SSL," you will be pleased to know that the answer means increased business security and efficiency. Secure socket layers are a way of protecting data by forcing information to go through "sockets" from supplier to user. This decreases the chance of information contamination, and protects your business and client resources.

The security is managed in its own program layer. This layer is located between a client's application, such as a Web browser, and the Internet's TCP/IP layers. The "sockets" are simply protected pathways from the public domain to your clients and to your business.

The electronic security industry exists solely to protect you and your business! Commerce is what makes society work; there is a vast network of people and businesses with smart and savvy answers to our needs. Securing online transactions is critical to the success of the global marketplace, and you can take advantage of the world's best security technology.

Don't Ask What Is SSL; Ask What Can SSL Do for You

You know the world has changed, because your business has changed with it! Now it's time for you to see just how good it can be.

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