Computer Repair

Written by Nicole Madison
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After you have chosen a computer repair company, help make the repair job a success by preparing your computer for service. If possible, start by making a copy of all your important data. Delete anything confidential, like credit card statements and other financial records.

Preparing for Computer Repair

Keep a record of the serial numbers of your computer parts, such as your hard drive, modem, and CD-ROM. This list can be used to compare with any replaced parts. Label your computer with your name and telephone number. The computer repair company should specify which computer parts they need to make your repairs. Provide only the necessary parts.

Avoid telling the repair shop to just fix your computer. Doing so could lead to extra and unexpected expenses. Make sure you authorize any specific repairs or diagnostic tests in advance. The computer repair company should notify you if they need to perform any repairs beyond what you have authorized. Always read the small print before you sign any type of service contract. Be sure to get an estimate, in advance, of how much the computer repairs will cost, as well as an estimate of when the work will be completed. Ask for a written copy of any repair work or part guarantees.

It is helpful to keep in mind that although the computer repair company may employ skilled technicians, some problems just cannot or should not be fixed. Determine, in advance, how much you are willing to pay to have your computer repaired. In some cases, it may be cheaper to simply purchase a new computer. Only you can make that decision.

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