External Hard Drives

Written by Nicole Madison
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Hard drives are vital components of computer systems. Since hard drives can malfunction without any prior warning, it is absolutely essential to back up important data to prevent data loss. Backing up is important for both individual users and businesses.

Using External Hard Drives

External hard drives can play an important roll in backing up data for businesses. Backing up data on external hard drives can provide an easy, cost effective way for companies to store vital data in off-site locations to protect against loss in the event of a disaster. While this method of backing up may not work well for every type of business, it is clearly advantageous for companies whose backups can fit on one or more external hard drives.

External hard drives offer the advantage of being portable and easy to move off-site in the event of flood, fire, or other disaster. High capacity external hard drives can hold more data than typical tapes. This increased storage capacity allows backups to a hard drive to run unattended, without the need to insert additional tapes or purchase an expensive autoloader. The use of external hard drives allows a backup administrator to use a couple of drives rather than juggling and keeping track of several tapes.

In addition to being easy to manage, external hard drives can save companies money. By backing up to high capacity external hard drives, instead of using tapes and an autoloader, companies can save hundreds of dollars. The benefit of lower costs, coupled with ease of manageability make external hard drives a viable back up option for businesses.

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