Maxtor Hard Drives

Written by Nicole Madison
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Founded in 1982, Maxtor is one of the main manufacturers of computer hard drives. Users put Maxtor hard drives to work at home, at their places of employment, and in large business corporations. Maxtor manufactures hard disk drive products through Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) relationships with computer companies, such as Dell, Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and many others. Maxtor hard drives are also available through its global distribution, reseller and retail partners.

About Maxtor Hard Drives

When choosing from a selection of Maxtor hard drives, or any other brand of hard drives, the primary consideration is the interface the hard drives employ to communicate with the computer. The IDE interface is one of the most commonly used hard drives for IBM-compatible computer systems. IDE is generally considered an easy to install interface.

SCSI is another commonly used interface, used in Apple as well as some IBM compatible computer systems. The SCSI interface is generally considered faster than the IDE interface. However, SCSI has the drawback of being difficult to install at times.

Alternatively, there are several external interface solutions available as well. These external solutions include the USB, firewire, and parallel hard disk drives. External hard drives can be a good solution, however, it is wise to consider any speed differences in comparison to internal drives. Keep in mind, you must have an available connection for the external drive to utilize.

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