Pcb Manufacturers

Written by Serena Berger
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You may choose to outsource your PCB design or building needs to a third party for a number of reasons. It may be that your company prefers to focus on its marketing efforts. Another reason to seek out PCB manufacturers is that it is more cost efficient for them to produce your boards than it would be for you to purchase the equipment and hire the staff to do it yourself.

You can find services to assist you in the design and/or fabrication of your circuit boards. Depending on the complexity of your circuit boards, you may have to search longer to find a manufacturer capable of producing your PCBs. In addition to the price and quality of the boards that they produce, another consideration when choosing a PCB manufacturer is how quickly they can fill your order. You may have found a manufacturer that will produce your prototype for a very low price, but will not have it done for at least week. If you have other work to do during the interim, there is not a problem--but if you urgently need the prototype to move ahead with your work, you may want to find a manufacturer who can produce results in a shorter time.

Capabilities of PCB Manufacturers

Different manufacturers will be in a position to provide you with products besides your physical PCB. Some can provide you with the computer files that are used in the fabrication process, should you want to hire a different company for fabrication. Others may work with you to improve upon existing PCBs to improve their performance or reduce production costs. While some manufacturers will only have the equipment necessary to produce prototypes, others are equipped to do full production runs.

Quality assurance is another feature that you want to find in your PCB manufacturer. Many manufacturers will run tests on boards that they have manufactured or assembled to ensure that they work properly. Some provide you with documentation so that you can review the results and improve the design of your PCBs should you find shortcomings.

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