Recycling Computer Equipment

Written by Nicole Madison
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If you have been using computers for at least a few years, chances are you have old computer equipment you no longer use. Perhaps you have been wondering what to do with all that unwanted computer equipment. Many people choose to sell, recycle, or donate their used computers, but sadly, many just dump their old computer equipment in trash dumpsters.

Recycle Used Computer Equipment

According to industry experts, consumer electronics constitute 40 percent of the lead found in landfills. In addition, a variety of toxic substances, such as mercury, cadmium, and barium, are found in computer components. These and other toxic substances serve to compromise our air and land quality. Recycling computer equipment is one important way to help protect or environment from toxic substances.

Many municipal recycling companies do not offer curbside recycling of computer equipment. Find out, in advance, how to recycle computer parts in your local area. Fortunately, there are some recycling companies that offer free or low cost programs for recycling computer equipment. Contact your local city hall or chamber of commerce for help with locating this type of program in your area.

Remember, we are all responsible for protecting our environment. If we all pitch in, even in little ways like recycling our old computer parts, we can benefit both our communities and our entire planet. As with all types of computer equipment disposal, be sure to wipe your hard drives clean of all data before your recycle them.

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