Removable Hard Drives

Written by Nicole Madison
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Applications, e-mail, images, and other types of data all take up bits of a computer hard drive's storage capacity. Although space on high capacity drives may seem limitless, you can, in fact, run out of space on your hard drive. One option for gaining extra storage space is to use removable hard drives.

Understanding Removable Hard Drives

Removable hard drives are a type of drive system in which hard drives are enveloped in plastic or metal cases, so they can be easily removed like floppy discs. Removable hard drives offer users the best aspects of both hard drives and floppy discs. They offer nearly the same level of storage capacity as hard drives as well as the portability of floppy discs.

Removable hard drives function just like regular hard drives, except for the fact that they can be removed and swapped. If you have a free IDE connector and a 3.5" floppy drive bay, a removable hard drive is a relatively inexpensive storage solution for computer users hungry for more storage space. All that is required to install and use a removable hard drive is a docking bay, a security key, and a computer restart.

Removable hard drives can be a smart solution for individuals and businesses seeking to prevent data loss in the event of an internal hard drive problem. Removable hard drives can be used to back up vital data. After the data is backed up, the removable hard drive can be kept at an off-site location to further prevent loss in the case of destruction from unexpected events, such as fire, flood, earthquake, theft, or vandalism.

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