Surplus Hard Drives

Written by Nicole Madison
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There are many organizations that offer their surplus hard drives and other computer equipment for sale, auction, or even as donations. The types, capacities, and general conditions of these surplus hard drives are as varied as the organizations that offer them. You can find many sites for surplus computer equipment online.

Buying Surplus Hard Drives

Surplus computer stores can be found online that offer both new and used surplus hard drives. Warranties vary, with 30 day limited warranties being common. Brand new surplus hard drives may carry a manufacturer's warranty as well. Make sure you know the details of the warranties offered, as well as the store's refund policy, before you make a purchase.

Surplus hard drives can be found at auctions, both online and offline. In general, surplus hard drives, sold through auctions, are sold as is and cannot be returned. You, may, at times, be able to find surplus equipment being auctioned off with warranties attached, but this is not the general rule. Likewise, some online auction sellers may accept returns within a limited time period. To protect yourself from financial loss, learn the terms of sale of any auction you plan to bid in before you place a bid.

Many organizations choose to donate their surplus computer components, including hard drives, to non-profit organizations, schools, and even needy individuals. If you fit one of these categories, you can find companies that donate their surplus computer equipment by doing an online search. Be aware that you will likely need to prove your non-profit or otherwise need-based eligibility before you can receive any donated equipment.

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