Used Computer Equipment

Written by Nicole Madison
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If you have been wondering what you should do with your unwanted, used computer equipment, consider recycling it. Some cities and towns have special computer recycling programs. Call your local city or town hall and inquire about recycling computers in your area. Check with local computer vendors as well, because some vendors accept used computer equipment for recycling and offer incentives for recycling computer parts, such as gift certificates and discounts.

Make Use of Used Computer Equipment

If recycling doesn't appeal to you, consider donating your used computer equipment to a local school, non-profit organization, or a needy individual. By donating your used computer equipment, you are often able to help someone get much needed computer equipment, qualify for a tax break for making a charitable donation, and rid yourself of extra computer parts all at the same time. Some computer vendors even offer computer donation programs.

Another alternative is to utilize your used computer equipment to increase your knowledge of computers. Take your computer apart and practice removing and installing the hard drive; discover what a motherboard looks like; or practice inserting RAM modules. Use your old computer equipment to practice making upgrades and performing maintenance tasks before you work on your newer, more expensive PC.

If you'd like to earn a few extra dollars, go ahead and sell your used computer equipment. Your used computer equipment, while undesirable to you, may satisfy another computer users' needs. Online auction sites offer a fairly easy way to sell your used computer parts.

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