Used Notebook Hard Drives

Written by Nicole Madison
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That used notebook hard drive, stashed in the back of your closet, is worth real money. You can convert your extra notebook hard drive into cool cash and use the extra dollars to purchase the software or upgrades you've been eyeing. Online auctions are a great way to turn used hard drives and other computer parts into profit.

Selling Used Notebook Hard Drives

To sell your used notebook hard drives on an online auction site, you usually need to provide registration information and open a member account. Most online auction sites offer free registration. However, you may be asked to provide some form of identification before you will be permitted to sell or bid on items.

Take pictures of the notebook hard drives you want to offer for sale. Clear pictures are worth a thousand words, so take some time in making them look good. Write a detailed description of the drives including relevant information, such as the name of the manufacturer of the drives, storage capacity, speed, condition of the drives, and any warranties that are still in effect. Provide detailed information concerning the methods of payment you plan to accept, such as credit cards, checks, or money orders. Be sure to provide information regarding returns (whether or not you will accept them), and your method of shipping. Once you have posted your pictures and your descriptions, relax and let the bidding begin!

Before you ship your used hard drives to the winning bidders, be sure you have thoroughly erased all sensitive information from the drives. You definitely don't want the proud new owner of your hard drives to have access to your important data. To prevent this, be sure to wipe the drives clean of data.

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