Aix Training

Written by Shirley Parker
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IBM got involved in the development of a UNIX product after purchasing a license from Bell Laboratories. It very much wanted to improve various aspects as it developed its own version, AIX. Its current version of a UNIX operating system, AIX 5L, is now so successful it has won industry awards.

AIX 5L scales across systems of different sizes in very complex and heavy technical and commercial environments throughout the world. The design adapts readily to changing business requirements, such as the need for bringing on increased processing power without totally disrupting daily operations. Transactions loads, requiring security, are increasing daily, along with internet access attempts, e-mail activity and internal requests for files.

Of course, as happens to other corporations with a successful product lines, from time to time IBM has been threatened with a lawsuit by one or more other software companies. There's nothing like the smell of money to bring on litigation, after all. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong in any given dispute, people threatening any lawsuit need to organize their facts and decide what it is they're upset about before taking action. This is true, no matter what side of an argument they're on or the validity of the claim.

Training Classes for AIX

IBM offers its own manuals and training classes for all of its products. Outside consultants also train businesses on the proper system administration for AIX. Users and system administrators need to attend, as long as they have already been exposed to UNIX or taken an introductory course. Attendees will be taught installation, software bundles and file sets, and all necessary steps beyond that, principally by hands-on lab exercises.

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