Basic Emt

Written by Jen Nichol
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Being an EMT is one of the most exciting jobs there is, providing life support at emergencies, accidents, and disasters. Forget sitting at a desk all day, watching the clock and pushing paper. EMTs save lives and respond to small- and large-scale emergencies with confidence and skill.

The basic EMT program trains people to cope with stressful situations. Emergencies involve people of all ages, and it's critical that an EMT be able to effectively make important triage decisions, as well as perform delicate operations under extreme conditions. The responsibilities of these professionals are numerous, and can mean life or death in many cases.

Become an EMT and Enjoy an Exciting Profession

EMTs usually work in groups of two, and are expected to respond to emergencies with alacrity. Their responses are often timed, to ensure that they are providing the best care possible, and they must also be able to maneuver effectively in traffic without further endangering their patients or bystanders.

It's an important job, but it takes a person who is able to work well under pressure and who is ready for anything! A top training program can get you up and running in 6 weeks, or 166 clock hours, and will guarantee that you pass the national EMT certification exam. The best programs also include CPR training in their EMT curriculum; finding one that does so saves you time, effort and money.

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