Ccie Training

Written by Laurie Nichol
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If you currently hold Cisco’s CCNP and CCNA certifications, then it’s time to consider moving up to their highest certification. As a certified internetwork expert, IT professionals can attain the technical knowledge and financial rewards that they’ve been working on throughout their career. Thorough and effective CCIE training will give you both the skills and credentials you’re looking for.

What Defines the CCIE Training Distinction?

Cisco classification as an internetwork expert means that you have completed extensive training in designing and configuring all of the hardware and software used to create complex internetworks. In this specialized field, professionals enjoy high-level responsibilities and desirable salaries. As such, the training required is considered a challenge well worth meeting.

A training method that has become more and more popular through the IT industry is that of intensive bootcamp style courses. Getting your CCIE training from an experienced instructor with backgrounds in both internetworks and teaching is highly recommended. Accelerated courses can get you up to speed in any in-demand IT skill, from Java and SQL languages to network security training.

It is important to note that the new format of the CCIE training exams makes them a one-day event, instead of the multiple-day tests of the past. Not only the technical knowledge, but also the test-taking skills that you will learn in a good bootcamp course will well prepare you for this grueling exam in which time is at a premium. Read up on the training tips, choose a reliable course, get certified, and get ahead!

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