Ccna Certification

Written by Jen Nichol
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What is CCNA certification, and why is this something that is of importance to you? CCNA is the acronym for "Cisco Certified Network Associate," and was created to improve the knowledge base of professionals involved in home and small office networking. This network certification is well sought-after in the industry, and having these initials on your resume greatly increases your value in today's tech-heavy world.

Networks of 100 nodes or fewer require their own special set of knowledge. This is what CCNA training and certification provides. The right training will encompass IP and non-IP networks, for well-rounded familiarity with smaller networks.

Get Your CCNA Certification Quickly

To obtain your CCNA certification, you should already be familiar with the history of networking, basic network design standards and principles, LANs and WANs (local area networks and wide area networks), IP addressing, routers, and network security. If you have these skills under your belt, and want to take the next step to your certification, there are official Cisco learning partners to help. These partners will quickly and efficiently provide you with the training you need to pass your CCNA test on the first try.

It's hard to believe, but there are training resources out there that are committed to helping your get your CCNA certification in five days! Anyone can make this kind of time to obtain such a valuable and salable skill set. When finding a training resource, make sure you look for one with a test-passing guarantee, that will ensure that you get out of the class everything you hope.

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