Written by Jen Nichol
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The Cisco Certified Security Professional certification, or "CCSP," is a great way for people who are already CCNA certified to gain thorough knowledge of security applications. IT people who already have networking experience working with a TCP/IP system can find CCSP bootcamps that use Cisco authorized materials to impart knowledge about keeping networks secure. The CCSP is the new evolution of what used to be the CSS1 certification, and SAFE implementation has been added to the curriculum.

With CCSP training, you can become ready to take a number of security-oriented exams. Some of these exams include: Cisco Secure PIX Firewall, Cisco Secure VPN (CSVPN), Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Systems (CSIDS), and others. The right training can make learning and implementing new skills as easy as possible, so that you can become more confident working with networks of every size.

CCSP Training Prepares You for Security Exams

With network security becoming an increasingly important issue to anyone who relies on the integrity of their infrastructure and data exchange, it makes sense to keep up with industry certifications. This knowledge can increase the productivity of an enterprise, as well as reduce costs. With data becoming the new currency, intrusion protection is of paramount importance regardless of industry.

CCSP certifications remain valid for three years, after which re-certification becomes necessary. Fortunately, there are programs that offer this training in focused sessions, so that you can get in, get your certification, and get out. Security professionals will always be in demand, which makes this training a great way to stay competitive in the industry.

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