Written by Laurie Nichol
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Taking a CDIA training course and passing the examinations is a great step for imaging professionals who want to advance their careers. If you’re considering studying for these exams, you should note that the test has recently changed. It is imperative that you thoroughly study all of the pertinent technologies and are familiar with the new format of the test, in order to achieve your certification.

Passing the Latest CDIA Certification Exam

Although much of the material on the test remains essentially the same, the objectives have changed somewhat. Passing the test requires one to have not only learned all of the study material, but also to have learned tactics for giving the solutions that the exam-creators were looking for. Merely finding books on CDIA training isn’t enough – they must be recent, and they must be thorough.

The most significant change from the old test to the new has been the fact that it now assesses one’s entire approach to document. From the sales and management end of things to the new issues brought up by the internet, a much more holistic knowledge is being tested. Your CDIA studies must be comprehensive!

There are some excellent training resources available that will benefit both corporate clients and individual imaging professionals. Some of these are video or CD-based, and accompany thorough texts that, all together, offer an unrivalled learning resource. No matter what kind of training you need, from network security training to your A+ certification, if you do a little homework, you’ll be able to find the tools you need for thorough comprehension and exam success!

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