Computer Education For Adults

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many businesses, military bases, and other organizations offer adult education courses in the field of IT. These classes are very popular among people who are ambitious and eager to expand their skills. The most commonly used software programs are capable of making an incredible amount of tasks much simpler and less time consuming. People who have expertise with the most popular software have a lot to offer any business.

Adult Computer Education Makes Work (and Life) Easier

Microsoft Excel is the perfect example of such a program. When I was a manager at a Fortune 500 company, I attended several Excel courses offered by the human resources department. The instructor was a vice president who had spent several years in the financial services industry. He found his niche in the financial sector as an Excel guru.

Excel is not just for administrative assistants. Before my course instructor started working as a corporate trainer, he used to consult upper-level executives who needed automated financial calculators. Because he understood what Excel was capable of and how to write the formulas, he could design in 30 minutes the templates companies would use for many years to conduct their analyses. His knowledge made him invaluable to many people in the industry, because he saved them time and money with Excel.

Software can be used not only in the business world but also in everyday life. By designating as little as 30 hours to software training, people can leverage the power of these programs and, in the long run, save themselves considerable time and effort by eliminating the need to do things the hard way. Computers can make life easier for everyone, especially adults in the working world.

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