Computer Technology Classes

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many colleges and universities offer on-campus adult learning opportunities to people who want to learn more about modern computer technology. Many classes are non-credit courses, and the opportunities vary by institution. There are one-day classes, classes that meet once each week for several weeks, and professional certification programs, many of which are for college credit that can be applied towards a master's degree.

Computer Technology Programs at Colleges and Online Schools

Popular areas of study include web development, Microsoft certification, and E-Commerce. A certification in web development proves that an individual knows how to plan and build websites for business purposes. Someone who has extensive knowledge in this area can create consumer-friendly websites, write compact code, and protect customers from identity theft.

Almost every business uses Microsoft software, and so a Microsoft certification can make any professional more marketable during a job search. Microsoft offers its courses all over the country, oftentimes on college campuses. Certification can only be attained after passing proficiency examinations. There are a few other companies, like Cisco, who offer their own certifications.

If you're interested in obtaining a certification or learning a specific skill, a nearby college is a great place to start looking for educational opportunities. There are also plenty of online learning programs, some of which are sponsored by accredited universities, that can teach the same skills. People who enroll in these programs can complete their studies from the comfort of home. If you want to learn more about computer technology, make sure to enroll in classes offered by a respected institution or training company.

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