Db2 Training

Written by Shirley Parker
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DB2 or Database 2 isn't just a single product. Rather, it's a family of what are called relational database products developed by IBM. Because the environment is open, the products run on a welcome variety of platforms, so no business has to buy new hardware or a new operating system, unless it's ancient. In fact, a customer can grow its use of a DB2 database from as little as a single workstation to a far larger multi-user situation.

DB2 tends to be less expensive than say, similar Oracle products, if a manager needs to add modules. In addition DB2 is more open, and also includes features not found in Oracle except in the higher priced versions. So it's a reasoned choice by the manager, who probably has the accounting department breathing down his neck anyway.

Users should probably be familiar with SQL to use DB2. If they are, they can retrieve information from DB2 and other databases all at the same time. Inclusion of management tools and application development tools are a given with DB2 from IBM.

Classes for DB2 Training

Classes to handle IBM DB2 (Database 2) software may be taught by institutions that have an education center strictly for IBM, even if they also teach other software. Or again, IBM does teach its own classes. Some courses are available on CDs for self-paced study, but participation in workshops reinforces the new material. Developers will find no shortage of sources from which to obtain training and full certification.

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