Html Training

Written by Shirley Parker
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HTML or HyperText Markup Language is used throughout the Web, to control how text, images, and links are displayed on a web page. Display of contents is often supplemented by such features as scripts, cascading style sheets (CSS), and perhaps a CGI program that processes any data submitted on a form. The possibilities are ever expanding, as technology allows new features.

HTML controls the display of a page by having you embed control characters in the original file. It is the characters that control where text goes on the page and how it will look. Basic requirements are that the file must contain at the beginning of the file and (that is, Close HTML) at the end of the file, Title , and it must be called samplefile.html. (However, if you are using Microsoft FrontPage, the file names will all end in .htm instead.)

HTML control characters are called tags. After the title tags and before the tag are additional tags called and , with corresponding data entered between each pair. You can also put information in tables for a neat and tidy presentation.

How to Learn HTML

HTML and CSS can be and often are taught using a plain text editor, such as Notepad. However, a late version of Internet Explorer (5.5 and above) is also required. Netscape Navigator (6.0 or later) will be optional, but it helps to see how your web page will display in both browsers. Classes are often taught within the community, by instructors who may head up the computer lab at the local high school. These teachers are very knowledgeable about what they do, plus the classes cost less than those taught commercially or on a college campus. The Sams series of books also has very clear and useful instruction for the beginner.

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