Iseries Training

Written by Shirley Parker
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The iSeries-AS400 is one of IBM's four major e-business computers. Each is actually an eServer, with the letter ID for each group being i (integrated), p (performance), x (x architecture), and z (zero down time). These were selected according to a major characteristic of each. Thus, since about year 2000, the groups have been called the iSeries, the pSeries, the xSeries and the zSeries. The official name of the AS/400 is actually the IBM eServer iSeries 400. But most people, rightly or wrongly, just refer to it as the iSeries or even just the AS/400, depending on the situation.

IBM developed the AS/400 (Application System/400) by combining its System/36's reliability and ease of use with its System/38's architectural advances. A business alliance with Lotus Notes Domino preceded IBM's first venture into e-commerce. Lotus Notes is a client-server application--Notes being the client, Domino being the server.

IBM machines have long been considered secure, so firewall protection isn't a problem. The AS/400, however, needed an operating system, and an enriched version of OS/400 was released in 1999. Several million brand new lines of code were written, targeted to e-business. This made it possible for small or mid-sized customers to participate in and take advantage of Internet sales and other opportunities.

iSeries Training Resources

Hands-on training in a classroom or computer lab is usually preferred for learning any new system. At least one vendor, however, still provides audio cassette tapes for self-study. Even so, the tapes appear to be boosted by computer assisted training, and access to the AS/400 is required. Other training is instructor-led and assumes basic knowledge of computer functions, just to get started. Advanced classes get into considerably more detail.

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