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Written by Jill Morrison
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IT Training will prepare you for a position in the information technology field. Training programs are typically offered to new employees in an IT company. However, training programs are also available to beginners with no previous IT experience.

Information Technology training relates primarily to computers, but may include other technological devices as well. Training programs will teach you about basic computer skills, computer security, software programs, Active Directory, Microsoft networks, and other avenues of technical training.

IT Training Topics

There are many different courses available for IT training. Microsoft training is a popular course because Microsoft Windows is used frequently in business applications. In this course you will learn about the skills needed to install, configure, troubleshoot, and support Microsoft Windows networks.

Active Directory training is an important factor in business settings as well. Active directory is a component of Windows 2000 and it allows businesses to share and manage information. The directory program simplifies management, extends interoperability, and also strengthens security.

IT Training School Options

IT training schools offer many different courses at various levels of competency. Earning an Information Technology Degree is often very beneficial to careers in the IT business. An IT degree is impressive to employers, clients, peers, and for job interviews.

IT courses will provide students with lectures, videos, group projects, and hands-on activities. These tactics are often very effective for learning IT principles. You can take courses relating to basic computer skills or more advanced certification classes, depending on your level of IT knowledge.

IT classes are typically offered with a flexible schedule. Classes may be held on nights or weekends so that you may continue to work during the day. Online classes are also available for additional convenience.

IT Training Through Companies

Employers will typically require that new employees take an IT training class. The class may be held at your company building or may take place in a separate training facility. Some companies may also offer to assist you in taking courses at an IT school, so that you can receive a degree while working for the company.

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