Java Training

Written by Shirley Parker
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Java is another programming language that is used to write computer applications. Programmers have written and still write, in Java, applications that store data or play games, process words or crunch numbers or perform any number of tasks. Java lets programmers write special, safe programs that can actually be downloaded from the Internet and played on your computer without wreaking havoc with your system. These special programs are called applets.

Java was created by the staff at Sun Microsystems, after an 18-month around the clock development by the Green Team, and announced in 1995. Java was designed to make it easier to write code that is bug free. Therefore, simple language and automatic memory allocation and deallocation are extremely important features. Java is one of the top choices for learning programming.

Java has many robust features that make it the programming language of choice for many environments. It is robust, meaning it can handle expected and unexpected errors. An applet may conceivably bring down a runtime environment (that is, while a task is executing), but it can't bring down your entire system. A web browser that's Java enabled won't allow an applet to delete or modify files, introduce viruses or perform any other malicious act.

Java Training Classes

Some instructors require students to have existing programming experience, but others don't. Some even prefer teaching Java to beginning programmers without having to get them to unlearn bad habits they've picked up from other languages. Most introductory classes cover a lot of detail in their overview and in the actual lab work that students must perform. For developing the server side of advanced Java, a good grounding in Java is required.

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