Microsoft Access Training

Written by Shirley Parker
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Access is one of the Microsoft programs, often included with the Microsoft Office suite, for which it's very helpful to go through a tutorial first. Exploring the program is just fine but four hours of solid instruction makes quite a difference in comprehension and competency with maintaining a database, manipulating data and querying for information. A four-day class in actually developing databases with Access may not be too much, depending on the employee's responsibilities.

The versions of Access have been many and of uneven quality. Access 1.0 arrived on the scene in 1992 and was immediately welcomed by Windows users. The same could not be said for some intervening buggy versions, such as Access 95. Its problems were finally resolved with Access 97's debut. However, all versions of any Microsoft product need installation of all currently available patches, updates and service packs.

Today, Office XP includes the latest version of Access. Unfortunately, Office XP is incompatible with Windows 95, so customers are still caught in the unrelenting spiral of Microsoft products. The expense of constantly updating, just when you've got something to work in a stable manner, is infuriating, as well as expensive. More bells and whistles aren't the answer, when the customer needs reliability.

Finding Someone Who Teaches Access

Nearby universities often have technology training guides on their websites. While intended to acquaint administrative staffers and students with the basics, the fundamentals may be available for the public to look at and derive benefit. They will cover databases and their management, creating a database, naming conventions, designing tables, and defining data fields. Once those topics are grasped, the guides will go into entering data, creating a query, designing forms and producing reports. Commercial schools also teach similar classes.

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