Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Written by Monique Krape
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The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 offers a comprehensive layout that can unify several operational systems. The flexibility of this server to create a more efficient infrastructure for the office is a key component. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is capable of handling software created for complex systems. An efficient sever, it can handle these operations on smaller devices, such as pocket PCs or laptops, thus making it ideal for small businesses and individuals.

In the small business platform, Microsoft Windows Server can seamlessly link Web services to that of other networking devices and applications. The advantages of this type of deployment place its users in an ideal position to collaborate and communicate effectively via the Internet. The integration of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 into preexisting Web-based systems greatly enhances the possibility for customized details in networking, communication systems, and collaborative capacities.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 employs Microsoft.Net as the means to integrate many Microsoft products into a cohesive system. There is a growing foundation of 35,000 products networked through Microsoft.Net, giving users the ability to create singular frameworks for their business or individual needs. Microsoft.Net is comprised of two key elements: Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Framework Class Libraries (FCL). These functions secure the potential to integrate with various networked systems.

The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 exists in several versions: Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Datacenter Edition, and Web Edition. Each software package offers a unique shift in focus dependent on the needs of the user. With the exception of several shared, key components of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, there are principal differences in each edition's abilities to process and deploy information. These variations are largely due to capacities in both memory and multiprocessing functions.

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