Mous Certification

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Familiarity with the Microsoft Office suite of programs is essential for anyone who works in technology. Becoming officially certified as a Microsoft Office User Specialist, or MOUS, is a smart choice to make if you want to become more skilled and more marketable to employers. Getting your MOUS certification is easier than you might think. Attending an intensive training course can earn you this certification in as little as one week!

Who Will A MOUS Certification Course Benefit?

The people who will benefit the most from this training are those who work in communications, with database information, as applications support staff, or as software or web specialists. These are the people who most frequently utilize programs like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the other components of MS Office. These programs are basic tools used throughout the IT profession.

The great thing about bootcamp training courses is that they can be completed in a relatively short amount of time. If you’ve been balking at furthering your education due to a lack of time, this is great news. For example, it’s possible to get your MCSE certification, and prove your skills as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, in just two weeks.

It gets even better if you’re pursuing a MOUS certification. There are training companies that can get you adept as an Office User Specialist in just one week! We strongly recommend that you shop around before you select your training source – it’s important to go with a company who can offer short-term courses while still providing all the thorough training and MOUS certification you’ll need in order to achieve your career goals!

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