Network+ Certification

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Network technicians who want to improve their skillsets and thereby their marketability and salary range should consider attaining their Network+ certification. This proves that you’re well-acquainted with all aspects of general networking technology. Although it’s not a prerequisite, if you already have your A+ certification, then preparing for a Network+ certification is the logical next step in your career development.

The Network+ Certification Exam

The exam you’ll be taking is composed of four distinct areas, or ‘domains’. The first, ‘media and topologies’, comprises 20% of the entire test; the second, ‘protocols and standards’, 25%; ‘network implementation’, 23%; and ‘network support / troubleshooting’, the remaining 32%. These cover the networking and internetworking abilities that differentiate a Network+ certified professional from other network techs.

These techs are able to carry out the TCP/IP installation and configuration that is in great demand by all sectors of the information technology industry. It is imperative, when looking for the schooling that you need, to find one which teaches all of the relevant material thoroughly. You have options beyond just self-schooling or expensive university courses!

Many network techs have been taking their certification exams with greater confidence, having completed intensive bootcamp training courses that successfully conveyed the material and techniques they need. You’ll find that there are ample training opportunities for many programs and systems such as MCSE, Linux, Java and others. If you’re interested in moving into security, then there are network security training courses available. Clearly, your options for schooling are as limitless as your prospects in the growing job market!

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