Online Computer Training

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Consider these two classroom scenarios. In one situation, the instructor explains something half the class does not understand, then jumps to the next topic, which cannot be understood until the first subject has been mastered. In the second scenario, the teacher lingers on a subject many students already grasp for an entire class period. As you can see, the fact that different students have different experiences and abilities makes it impossible for teachers to provide instruction at a pace that makes all students feel comfortable.

Online Training: Learn at Your Own Pace

People who sign up for online computer training, however, do not have to worry about how fast or slow their instructors teach. The individual students actually dictate the pace. When they are ready to move on, they do so, but they're never forced to continue onto more advanced topics until they have mastered the basics.

If a student is learning how to use Microsoft Excel to calculate averages, for example, the person should remain on that topic until he or she fully understands it. The student should try some problems and not move on until he or she can complete the task to perfection every time. In an online learning environment, a student who masters the subject immediately can start learning the next topic, while someone who has a more difficult time can remain on a subject for several hours if needed.

As you can see, people who take online courses never feel uncomfortable or bored. One person might finish a class in twenty hours, while someone else can spend 60 hours rereading lessons and trying sample problems. The Internet is the only place where you can find legitimate academic institutions that truly give everyone an equal opportunity.

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