Online Information Technology Programs

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The worst college course I ever took has to be Introduction to Structured Programming. The class met once each week for three hours. The subject matter wasn't what made the class so unbearable. It was the fact that the students had to learn how to program from a three-hour lecture without the benefit of a computer. How can anyone learn how to write C++ code by listening to a lecture?

Learning How to Program Online

Fortunately for distance learning students, they have the opportunity to learn solely from hands-on lessons and exercises, which is the best way to learn computer science. Programming students learn to write code with their C++ compilers, not pen and paper, which is what my classmates and I had to use. The compiler finds errors and tells the user which lines contain errors.

Trying to take notes at a three hour lecture just didn't work for me, and there were definitely other students who felt the same way. After an hour of listening to the professor, everyone in the class just wanted to head home to use their compilers anyway. Of course, not all on-campus C++ courses end up being as unproductive as the one I took, because most schools know that those classes should be held in computer labs, not regular classrooms.

Distance learning students have their own computer labs in the comfort of their homes. They can spend as much or little time as they want on each topic, which ensures that no students will get bored or left behind. Some subjects are most easily learned in a traditional classroom setting. Programming, however, is a skill that can be acquired through an online information technology program.

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