Online It Training

Written by Shirley Parker
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Many universities, technical institutes, commercial vendors and software manufacturers offer training in IT or Information Technology subjects. These classes may be taught at the headquarters of the training company or at the client's offices, if a sufficient number of employees need that particular class. At times, web-based training or online courses in information technology better fit the adult student's responsibilities, inclinations, and time and financial means.

For some fortunate students, especially those in a private institution, Information Technology training begins in well-equipped high school computer labs. City school districts often languish, however, because funds for any program are insufficient. They greatly appreciate donations, even sponsorship, from a business benefactor.

The truth is, any school department is thrilled to receive funds or direct donations of equipment from an alumnus or alumna who have done well for themselves and wish to give back. This includes music, art, English, the library, sports, and the computer and zoological science labs, to mention just some of them. Our students need every chance to learn and get ahead, but staying in school is discouraging when equipment is obsolete or non-existent.

Is the Online Instruction Worth the Money?

Some online commercial instruction doesn't seem to carry an accreditation symbol. If it claims to provide instruction that will help you pass the certification exams of major players, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Novell, or Cisco, for example, that can be verified. As with all schooling, there should be a written refund policy that you can print out and save. The site should carry at least 128-bit encryption when submitting personal information. Online training, when done well, with plentiful constructive feedback, can be a great convenience.

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