Oracle9i Training

Written by Shirley Parker
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Oracle database products have been a leader among their peer groups since their inception. They're popular with customers who need power and reliability in the handling of very large databases. Managers new to Oracle will find the Oracle 9i version to be less intimidating than previous releases might have been for them.

The Enterprise edition of 9i requires installation of more than 1.5GB of files that are managed by the Oracle Universal Installer. It creates a sample database with common applications settings. A separate data migration wizard can handle moving your existing database. Oracle Management Server and Oracle Enterprise Manager control multiple database nodes.

An extremely useful tool called Oracle Change Manager lets an authorized employee see how schema changes would affect a database. This doesn't interfere with existing production setups and scheduling. Another great tool is Oracle Performance Manager, which shows the users engaging in the most activity; it also identifies near-impasse situations and other problems. This can be quite an eye-opener for a manager, who can then attempt to resolve issues before they reach the ears of higher management.

Oracle 9i Training Options

Many additional tools and functions are included in the Enterprise edition, but Oracle 9i still requires the training and experience for the historically needed manual tuning. Oracle's award-winning support is available at multiple levels. Its Advanced Product Services will assist with configuration and fine-tuning of your installation. It includes technical assessments and business critical assistance, as well as reactive and proactive solutions. A number of highly qualified private training companies exist that teach classes aimed at passing various Oracle certification exams.

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