Written by Jen Nichol
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If you have spent at least six months supporting a Unix network, it may be the right time to get your SCSA certification. In 98 hours of hands-on instruction, you can increase your knowledge of the Solaris operation system in particular and Unix in general. Network administrators and systems administrators will find that Sun Certified Systems Administrator status confers greater pay and responsibilities.

SCSA certification can only build upon extant knowledge of servers and network interfaces. Some programs offer a free, online test that can tell you if you are ready to take the SCSA challenge. It's important to already be familiar with protocols, TCP/IP issues, daemons, domains, and other network administration issues.

SCSA Builds on Existing Unix and Sun Knowledge

Sun Solaris is a popular, commercial Unix application that requires knowledgeable network professionals to keep systems running. Knowing how to quickly and effectively troubleshoot developing issues is a necessary skill in today's marketplace. Since Unix is such a universally used operating style in the scientific and technical environment, learning new skills in this area is always a good investment.

Network administrators know that they simply cannot afford to spend too much time away from the network, even to get important training. For this reason, there are training facilities that specialize in getting IT professionals the information and certifications they need in just days. Time is money, and getting top training also translates into top dollar in our burgeoning tech fields.

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