Written by Shirley Parker
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As might be expected, VBScript belongs to the Visual Basic family from Microsoft. It has much of the capability of the other Visual Basic products and, thankfully, if you're already familiar with Visual Basic, shares the same syntax. Programmers, Administrators and others, who need scripting solutions to typical and atypical business problems, will find VBScript to have much of the capability they need.

Network Administrators can use VBScript for their administrative scripts, while web developers can use it to add dynamic web pages. In that location, VBScript functions on both the client-side and the server-side. However, only Internet Explorer can read VBScript. Other browsers will display the actual script on a website--not what the designer wants at all--so the script has to be commented to prevent that. There may still be plug-ins available to make VBScript compatible with Netscape Navigator, if the manufacturers have found it worthwhile to continue updating them.

VBScript does otherwise compare somewhat favorably with JavaScript as far as functionality goes, although JavaScript is a more powerful programming language. VBScript may be used to validate the form data for HTML. It can also be used to manage ActiveX controls, Active Server Pages and Databases.

Training Courses for VBScript

Training courses for VBScript are taught publicly in many cities around the country. They are offered in-house to employers who send a sufficient number of attendees or delegates, as the training companies sometimes refer to them. Self-study is always an option, whether from books at home, or signing up for online classes.

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