Websphere Training

Written by Shirley Parker
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The father of WebSphere Studio Application Developer is Donald Ferguson of IBM. Don joined IBM in 1987. He's been in charge of research and development efforts in areas that seem either alien or are transparent to many computer users, but nevertheless are critically important. These include: database tuning, scalable transaction processing, object transaction monitors, operating system performance, and web application servers.

Since 1993, Don has been the technical lead person for the Component Broker and WebSphere family of products at IBM. WebSphere, the topic here, is a family of "web" application servers. The development environment enables visual design, construction, testing and deployment of Web services, portals and J2EE applications. WebSphere uses its own high productivity tools, templates and wizards to speed up Java 2 Enterprise Edition development.

WebSphere has won a number of industry awards and more seem likely. It was built on Eclipse, which is an open, industry-supported platform for development tools. WebSphere utilizes industry regarded plug-in tools, WebSphere Portal unit test environment, and graphical performance profiling and trace tools. These are complemented by a long list of additional features and benefits.

Training Classes for WebSphere Studio Application Developer

It would seem this material could barely be covered in a 5-day class, so that would be the minimum length to get a good grasp of its capabilities. Enrollees should be developers or other professionals responsible for the design of interactive websites. That is, those incorporating HTML, Java Applets, and JavaBeans. Previous experience with relational databases would be a useful prerequisite before seeking out a class that schedules lab work as well as lectures

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