Z/os Classes

Written by Shirley Parker
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Z operating system is an IBM system for its zSeries computers. It is the follow-up from OS/390 and it is helpful, even necessary for students to have some basic grounding in the functions of the System 390. When mainframes were first manufactured by IBM, the OS/MVT was top of the line. Later changes in structure produced the SVS, MVS, MVS/XA, MVS/ESA, OS/390 and finally, the z/OS level.

Many universities have been dropping IBM mainframes from their computer science curriculum, for a variety of reasons, including employers' attitudes toward investing in their employees. Schools need encouragement and support from all sectors of business to place new emphasis on mainframe education. Currently, businesses balk at sending employees to school because they want someone else to have paid already for the employee's training and expertise and/or fear losing them to another opportunity. This shortsighted approach will cause major repercussions in business and government in the near future.

Not all is doom and gloom, but you can only pull mainframe experts out of retirement for another decade or so. Many will be more than happy to return to the workforce, on their terms, because they hadn't wanted to retire in the first place. But if there is no one to replace them after they do decide enough is enough, then what?

z/OS Training Classes

Many levels of z/OS training are available from private schools, from essential operator training, to an overview of the functions and revamped licensing charges, and to highly complex technical training for IT personnel. IBM issues six-month releases with enhancements and information for z/OS. For follow-up support, any IT department using the z/OS should be subscribed to technical bulletins and other publications from IBM, so they are received automatically.

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