Affordable Fibre Channel

Written by Amy Hall
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Affordable Fibre Channel For Data Information Protection

Affordable fibre channel storage may seem unattainable, but with the latest advances in data backup storage, it is not as unlikely as you may think. Today's corporations require secure data back and even faster recovery in the event of a disaster. By simply installing a bridge device, companies can leverage their existing storage infrastructure through a FC-SCSI connection at a much more affordable cost. By doing this, the benefits of Fibre Channel can be had without the major investment of a new tape library.

With secure storage guaranteed, IT managers can broaden the performance benefits of Fibre Channel. Customers can get the highest degree of data protection for their data storage needs. By using Fibre Channel for data backup and recovery, customers can obtain cost savings without sacrificing performance.

Reliable Data Storage For Less

In a time of tight budgets and overworked IT staffs, the ability to install and execute reliable, affordable fibre channel storage solutions is imperative. Customers have long recognized the high performance of fibre channel, but now do not have to pay as much to get it. Companies can realize an increase in performance and efficiency along with a lower cost of ownership with fibre channel.

Fibre channel has long been known as one of the best methods of transferring data quickly, reliably, and efficiently. However, it has also been known to be one of the more expensive data storage and recovery options. Fortunately, new advances in software and hardware have made it possible for many companies to enjoy the benefits associated with using Fibre Channel for all of their data needs.

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