Ait Tape Library

Written by Amy Hall
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Step Up to Ait Tape Library for Data Backup Storage

Ait tape library is an exceptional solution to all of your data backup storage problems. AIT stands for Advanced Intelligent Tape, and it is one of Sony's cutting edge technology tapes. The Ait family now features AIT-3 drives with up to five times the capacity of DDS-4 tape solutions.

The Ait format was created to handle higher capacity requirements for large, data intensive applications. Unlike the linear serpentine recording technology used by DTL drives, the Sony AIT tape drives use data tracking recorded at an angle on the edge of the tape. This provides higher density recording, which translates into lower costs with higher output.

AIT Is Future Oriented

Sony considers this Ait tape library a future oriented system of outstanding products and services. The Ait format is blazing the trail in terms of setting high standards for performance. Many system manufacturers and storage solution providers have made Ait technology part of their own leading product solutions.

Only Sony's Ait solution features Memory-In-Cassette (MIC), a 64 kbit memory chip built into the data cartridge, which provides you with faster access to your data. Unlike conventional tape drives that must rewind to the beginning of the tape, the memory chip provides instant data access and locates files in seconds. This saves you a great deal of time, and ultimately a great deal of money.

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