Archival Storage

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Archival storage is becoming essential with the challenges created by the deluge of digital information. While many organizations are migrating toward electronic document storage, still others are faced with the challenges presented by the transition. How can an organization affordably turn paper into electronic data?

Archival Storage Is More Affordable

Storage service providers have engineered applications to help you eliminate paper and the costs associated with it. In addition to security risks, paper presents a number of other challenges. In the case of healthcare, most facilities are required to keep medical records for a minimum of ten years. Imagine how much paper is generated over a ten year span on patient visits?

With strict federal regulations surrounding the archival storage of health information, many facilities are choosing to scan and store archived information electronically. In addition to increasing the accessibility of old data, facilities are now eliminating nearly all of the storage space that was previously required. How much space in your office is dedicated to paper storage?

Electronic Storage Revealed

One statistic compared the advantages of optical storage to paper-based solutions. One CD can hold as much as 600 million pages of printed documents. To give you a clear understanding of how much storage space that is, it would take approximately 2,000 filing cabinets to manage the same amount of data.

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