Ata Disk Data

Written by Amy Hall
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Data Backup Storage With The ATA Disk Data

ATA disk data drives are used in the enormous PC marketplace and an estimated 85% of all disk drives sold today contain an ATA interface. In general, ATA disk drives are the "driver" of all disk storage technology as they are cost effective and provide exceptional data backup storage. ATA disk drives were originally known as IDE disk drives, due the disk interface they contained--Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE).

IDE was introduced in response to the demands of PC users everywhere. The original IDE interface was considered low performance and it was not ideal for computer applications requiring high storage and fast retrieval. Over the years, IDE technology was tweaked for higher capability and reliability. In time, the name changed to ATA.

What ATA Offers Today

The ATA disk data system managed to keep costs low and today offers up a great data protection solution that is extremely cost-effective. ATA offers ultra fast transfer and retrieval rates similar to high performance SCSI disk protocol. It also also has double-clocking of data transfers that doubles the speed for more efficiency.

ATA technology has full error detection and data reliability. ATA disk drives also now offer reliability levels that are as good as or better than SCSI or Fibre Channel disk drives. The bonus is that ATA drives today offer capabilities comparable to SCSI and Fibre Channel disk drives--except at a tremendously lower cost.

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