Ata Driver Raid

Written by Amy Hall
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The Ata Driver Raid

Ata driver raid powers ATA to new levels. The original premise behind RAID technology was to build high capacity and reliable storage solutions. This was achieved by utilizing large numbers of inexpensive disk drives. Thus the original definition of RAID was "Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives".

As time went by, this definition changed to "Redundant Array of Independent Drives," and the promise of lower costs was no longer applicable. The ATTO Diamond Series gets back to the basics by providing high capacity and high performance disk array systems. With all of the features that ATA disk drives now offer, performance and security are better than ever.

The Power of RAID

The Diamond Series of arrays have data transfer rates previously available only in exceptionally pricey Fibre Channel or SCSI disk arrays. The technically advanced design enables features such as server-less backup, advanced error protection, and advanced enclosure services that can carried out over this architecture with ease.

In summary, ATA disk drives and the Ata driver raid is the wave of the future in terms of disk drive technology. It offers all the cost advantages of mass produced, consumer driven technology that demands secure data backup protection. Today, ATA also offers all the performance and reliability features required by both small and large corporations today.

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