Atl Tape Library

Written by Amy Hall
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Atl tape library automatically manages and protects businesses critical data in network environments. Modular solutions protect customer investments with easily navigated systems found in small, mid-range, and enterprise-class applications. These automated libraries are fully compatible with all major hardware platforms, such as IBM, HP, and Silicon Graphics, and they are supported by nearly 40 popular data management software applications.

Libraries start off at the basic level for small to mid-size companies, and go up from there. There are products to fit every budget and every size business, from start-up to enterprise-class companies. These data protection services allow you to conduct your daily business without worrying about the security of your critical data.

Features and Overview

Even the most basic models offer exceptional features. For instance, the Atl tape library L200 series is ideal for protecting data in small to mid-size LANS and WindowsNT/2000, UNIX, and Linux servers. They offer cost-effective automated backup and restoration of mission critical data in an easy-to-use system.

More complex libraries such as Quantum's new Atl M1800 offer an attractive buy for budget conscious tape library consumers looking for the next step in capacity and performance. Available with all of the same ATL M-series tape drives and options, this library provides 42 DLTtapeTM or 50LTOTM tape cartridge slots and up to four tape drives, thereby delivering the backup capacity and performance you'd expect in larger libraries, but at a bargain price.

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