Attached Software Storage

Written by Amy Hall
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Attached Software Storage for All of Your Data Protection Service Needs

Attached software storage can help ease the burden of protecting your most important asset--your mission-critical data. Direct attached storage, in it's simplest form, consists of a disk drive attached directly to a server. Data is transferred using SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) commands, which is the most common mode of communication between a computer and a hard drive.

Over the past decade, the amount of storage has jumped enormously due to the expansion of the global economy and e-commerce. Every Web transaction causes this need for better data storage to grow exponentially, and companies are looking for new technologies that will guarantee that their critical data is safe and secure.

Technology Market Options

Today's market offers two broad options for storing data: directed attached software storage and networked storage. Networked storage in turn is broken down into two suboptions: storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS). More than one-third of storage sold is networked storage, which analysts think will jump to two-thirds over the next few years.

All applications are easy to carry out with attached direct network storage. This type of storage works well in environments with individual or a limited number of computers. When there are dozens of servers and significant data growth, the situation can become difficult to manage and may require some other form of data backup storage in order to keep abreast of the rising data recovery challenge.

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