Backup Subsystem Solutions

Written by Thomas Neighbors
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Backup subsystem solutions could mean the difference between recovering your data or losing everything as a result of an outage. A system outage can occur for a variety of different reasons. Equipment malfunction, natural disasters or breaches in security are all potential risks.

Routine Maintenance

As part of your disaster recovery plan, regularly scheduled back up procedures need to take place. This will help you recover your data accurately. Your internal IT department is usually responsible for this routine task.

Each night when your workstation is backed up, all the data from your day's work is updated. This is done daily, so when an outage occurs, the recovered information is from the previous day. Imagine if you only backed up your workstation every month? An entire month of work could be lost even if your disaster recovery system is successful.

Types of Backup Subsystem Solutions

Journaling databases and commitment control procedures are two other backup subsystem solutions. Journaling allows the system to recover all information and transactions right up to the time of the outage. Commitment control is useful by rewinding any transactions that were in progress at the time of the outage and restoring them back to their previous state.

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