Blue Laser

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Blue Laser technology can increase the storage capacity of CDs and DVDs and may change the face of storage products. Storage has come a long way over the past decades as companies have moved from file cabinets to large mainframes to discs which we see today. While it is obviously much easier to access stored information than it used to be, developers and scientists are still working to create better storage solutions.

Blue Laser Characteristics

Traditional lasers have used infrared or red light in order to read discs or perform other operations. Using blue light, which has a shorter wavelength, will allow more information to be read that normally would have been overlooked. Entertainment products that use this new laser can also produce better sound and image quality as the amount of data read will drastically increase.

The issue with storage on a CD or DVD is not that the discs are actually full of information. There are sizeable gaps that are left only because laser technology has not been able to read that data in the past. The amount a disc can hold will greatly increase as the blue laser will be able to read information in areas that could not be accessed before.

Other Uses

Even though cutting back on the amount of storage necessary is a nice feature to have, there are many more meaningful uses for this new laser product. The laser is also being used by doctors to help diagnose cancer and aid in surgical procedures. Printers and communication tools are also being improved because the laser can provide better resolution and allow more information to be transmitted.

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