Channel Fibre Iscsi

Written by Amy Hall
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Channel Fibre Iscsi has caused a serious debate among IT professionals for years. Many believe that Iscsi is alot better than Fibre Channel storage for one reason or another. Iscsi, offers numerous features such as data consolidation, scalability, and management advantages that are similar to a storage area network without expense and complexity associated with Fibre Channel.

The Iscsi protocol was designed to keep data secure and accessible over various SAN networks. Iscsi SAN solutions have proven to be an outstanding and affordable choice for storage consolidation, and they are exceptionally attractive to remote data centers who may not be able to afford pricey Fibre Channel systems. Iscsi also provides highly affordable secondary storage or data protection solutions for corporate data centers.

The Case for Fibre Channel

Now that we've discussed the merits of Iscsi, let's take a better look at Fibre Channel options. Fibre Channel itself can be described as a network of specifications that are used for data storage and recovery. It was designed specifically to combine the best of channel, LAN, and WAN technology into one powerful system.

Probably one of the strongest motivations for using Fibre Channel for data backup storage is its high level of connectivity. Since Fibre Channel is both serial and optical, you can connect systems and storage products that are physically located far away from each other. Channel Fibre Iscsi? You decide, as they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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